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4 Inch Triple Features Gen2 Pee-Cock
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Price: $169.00 $139.00
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Product Code: 4-0PCG2-1
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Pee-Cock - 4-0PC
Size: length: 10.0 cm , girth 10 cm, weight 190 g

Gen2 Pee-Cock is an improved design to the original Pee-Cock. It is still sleek and natural in appearance but the improved details make the Pee-Cock looks a lot more realistic. The shaft feels exactly like a flaccid penis and with it's more detailed texture and veins, it is totally passable at the urinal. You can stand and pee with ease and confidence through the improved built in ‘funnel’ system. The extended back flap and carefully shaped opening on the funnel prevents back flow and making STP (stand-to-pee) a real breeze. No more leakage accident with the Gen2 Pee-Cock. The Pee-Cock stays in place under briefs, or you can use our range of Pee-Cock Harnesses which allow you to wear it securely and comfortably with loose clothings.

Improved features on Gen2 Pee-Cock
- More detailed texture
- Veins on the shaft
- 3D Scrotum (soft to touch)
- Extended lower flap on the funnel (prevents back flow)
- Funnel opening is shaped to the lower body anatomy (cups neatly without much adjustment)
- Opening at penis head (where urine is expel) is a single slit instead of the previous circle design (more realistic)
- More insertable length for all the sizes of Gen2 Pee-Cock
- More girth on shaft (the 'erection rod' when inserted, adds more girth to the shaft)

The Gen2 Pee-Cock is available in 3 different sizes to suit every individual. They are 4 inch, 5.5 inch and 6.5 inch. The insertable length on the shaft is longer compare to the previous design (thanks to the reshape of the scrotum, which allows slightly more insertable length). They are in the flaccid state when wear on the body and the shaft hangs naturally like bio men flaccid penis..

Gen2 Pee-Cock comes in a range of realistic skin tones. Currently available are 5 shades of skin tones. You may choose from Light Beige, Beige, Light Brown (NEW), Moderate Brown or African Brown (NEW). Light Beige, Beige and Light Brown are suitable for Caucasian skin tone while Beige, Light Brown and Moderate Brown are more suited for Asian skin tone. The colors are not airbrushed but integrated in the silicone itself, therefore it will not fade.

Pee-Cock 4inch (Small) = US$169
Pee-Cock 4inch (Small) with Pleasure Kit = US$184
Pee-Cock 5.5inch (Medium) = US$179
Pee-Cock 5.5inch (Medium) with Pleasure Kit = US$194
Pee-Cock 6.5inch (Large) = US$199
Pee-Cock 6.5inch (Large) with Pleasure Kit = US$214

**Every purchase of the Gen2 Pee-Cock comes complete with the new improved custom fit Gen2 'erection rod' and a Pee-Cock design soft pouch. The 'Pleasure Kit' is an optional choice and is not inclusive in the standard package.

Gen2 Pee-Cock also works for guys who have had metoidioplasty surgery (with or without urethral lengthening) and bio guys with a micropenis! The ‘funnel system’ is designed specifically for the FTM anatomy (pre or post metoidioplasty), allowing urine to flow downwards to the shaft like a breeze. It takes only a couple of practices to perfect using the Pee-Cock. Stand-to-pee is easy with Pee-Cock. Once you have a Pee-Cock, you never want to leave home without it!


Pee-Cock Guide

PACKING: The Pee-Cock packs easily and securely in your briefs without having to use a harness and stays in place best when worn under snug-fitting jockey briefs. We recommend briefs with a pouch or with fly.

If you wish to wear boxers or other loose clothing, the Pee-Cock can be secured using a Peecock Comfort Harness or Peecock Jock Harness.

While the Pee-Cock looks great when worn under swimwear and other athletic clothing, we recommend wearing the Peecock Jock Harness or Peecock Comfort Harness during vigorous physical exercise.

Also, choose from our range of Peecock Brief Harnesses or Boxer Harnesses, which lets you pack your Pee-Cock securely and neatly inside the brief or boxer. The Peecock Brief or Boxer Harness are specially designed with additional layers to hold your Pee-Cock firmly and at the same time allow you to use it as STP and for Play.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND packing all day with the Pee-Cock pointing upwards and sitting on it over long period of time in compressed underwear. This may cause the joint between the shaft and scrotum to weaken overtime due to over stretching and eventually shorten the shelf life of the product.

PEEING: To pee using the Pee-Cock, you will need to unbutton your pants at the waist and lower the zipper.

To position the 'funnel' so that it covers firmly over the genitals, you'll need to spread your legs apart and bend slightly forward. Use one hand to hold the 3D scrotum (with one finger at the back flap of the funnel) and point the shaft downward with your other hand. You should be able to urinate freely but try to maintain a normal urinary pressure as much as possible in order to prevent any overflowing.

After you're done urinating, make sure you drain out any excess pee from the ‘funnel’ by lightly pushing the scrotum forward. Hold the shaft and shake it 2 or 3 times to expel the last drops. Tuck it back in your pants and walk tall!

When wearing the Pee-Cock with the Miracle Strap or Ring type Harness, the constant pulling downwards effect on the Pee-Cock (for STP) can cause too much tension to form at the joint (between the shaft and scrotum) and eventually shorten the shelf life of the product. To overcome this problem, user should position the Pee-Cock by moving it at the waistband point of the harness (so that the whole of the Pee-Cock is moved) instead of pulling the Pee-Cock at the scrotum point to position it, which caused tension at the joint where the strap or ring loops around the shaft and over time will result in the silicone ripping.

PLAYING: Using the Pee-Cock for sexual intercourse is easy. First, apply some water-based lubricant onto the ‘erection rod’ (provided when you purchase your Pee-Cock) and then insert the rod into the funnel until the base (larger end) of the rod is in line with the opening at the back of the shaft.

The penis is now erected, firm and ready.

The newly improved Gen2 erection rod also adds girth to the shaft when inserted. Before you start to use Pee-Cock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom over it to practise safe sex with your partner. Never insert the erection rod over the opening of the penis head, as this can cause serious injury to your partner.

Please AVOID letting your partner sit on top of your Pee-Cock during Play. This position might caused too much pressure at the joint between the shaft and scrotum. The force and combination of thrusting movements can weaken the joint and eventually break your Pee-Cock. We don't recommend anything on top of your Pee-Cock, but the risk is entirely up to you.

*If you purchased the Gen2 Pee-Cock Pleasure Set, the soft silicone material (removable) at the base of the erection rod is designed to provide simulation for the wearer. When the Pee-Cock is pushed against the lower body of the wearer and with the combination of thrusting movements, it creates sensation when the soft silicone comes in contact with the wearer's genitals. ENJOY!!


External: Rinse the outer surface every night with water and a mild antibiotic soap. Flush your funnel with mild soap and water. A liquid antibacterial soap applied with your finger or a Q-tip is ideal. Blot dry gently with a soft towel or allow to air dry, and you are ready to use your Pee-Cock again.


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*CASH TERM is only applicable for purchase and collection in Singapore.

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Does the job

  Anonymous - Jan 26 2015, 14:32 PM

"I have owned the Peecock Gen2, 4 inch for about 4 months. As far as STP, I give it 5 out of 5. Yes, I had a couple of accidents at first, but wasn't holding the balls back like suggested. After doing some research I started just placing one finger on the balls and pushing back slightly and have not had an accident since. When it comes to packing, it does the job great. It is not too small and not too big. I'm 5"6, 195 lbs, and it gives me the right amount of bulge that I desire. I wear boxers and boxer briefs with the Jock harness from Peecock and it works great. I highly recommend purchasing the jock comfort harness from Peecock. It keeps the STP in the right place so you don't have to do a lot of adjustment when you are ready to pee. It's very comfortable and I forget that I'm wearing it most of the time. When it comes to play.. I have no complaints. Yeah it's not your typical "dildo" when it comes to size, but it does the same job. In fact my girlfriend enjoys my STP inside of her more than the strap on we were using before. I will admit, with the erection rod pressed up against me while penetrating her, it feels just like a part of my body. I keep it in the jock harness while having sex and it stays in place. I did not purchase the pleasure kit simply because I paid an extra $50 for faster shipping and did not want to spend more money for the pleasure kit. However, like I said the back of the erection rod is going to be pressed up against you so that in itself feels great. The only complaint I have about this product is that I wish it had just a little more girth with and without the erection rod. If Peecock Products could make a 4 inch with a wider circumference I would buy one hands down right now. The length is perfect for me, just wish it was a little thicker. Overall great product , hands down the best STP out there and definitely worth the money. Just remember you get what you pay for so if you buy a cheap STP you can't complain how bad it is. Spend the money and go with the Peecock Gen2."

4 "

  shea - Jun 09 2014, 22:15 PM

"Ok so.. package arrived in a plain box stating 'toy'. Could have been anything I suppose, so not too much to worry about. At first glance it seemed small but I'm only 5' 4" so was great size for packing. I've never packed before but to be honest it looked great! Very passable. Peeing was easy, I was quite surprised, I've since had a few accidents but luckily at home :) but all in all its very good. And comfortable! I've used it twice for play as I've got others that I'm just used to using.. 1st time was 'ok'.. seemed a bit small but girlfriend said it was 'nice'.. which isn't good in my eyes.. so I avoided using it for play.. BUT I used it again last night and my girl said it was amazing and that it felt better than any of my others!! I've got to say though that the rod for play is quite thin so I adjusted the girth of the rod using some cloth and insulation tape, sounds gross I know but I covered the tape with a condom, slipped it inside the cock bit and it was fine, gave a nice thickness to it.. definitely made a difference like I said, my girl said it was 'nice' before the adjustment then said it felt amazing after it was adjusted! So.. all in all 9 out of 10.. the only thing that lets it down is the girth. Oh also if you're like me and can get a bit wet down there it does tend to move about a bit against you. Other than that its great!"

Great packer, Highly recomended! but the STP part......

  K - Feb 08 2014, 05:28 AM

"I recieved my peecock a few months ago, wanted to really try it out before leaving my review. I admit I was a bit nervous about buying a peecock as i have had A LOT of trouble with this style of STP before. Well i didn't have much better luck with the peecock, through no fault of the product, it just doesn't line up with my anatomy to well. I decided to get the 4 inch as i tend to be pretty short (barely 5 foot 2), and the 5.5 inch my friend has seemed way to large for a person of my size. I couldn't be happier, the 4 inch is perfect for me! However i know this is meant to be used as an STP, but how hollow it is bothered me, and well that I couldn't use it as an STP. I cut the tip off a medicine spoon and attached it to a semi-flexable tube about an inch smaller then the peecock and placed it inside. After adding these modification I was able to use it as an STP and it wasn't so squishy/hollow anymore! Made me love it even more! The balls are very realistic and are perfectly placed, I was actually a bit surprised how realistic they were. I'm not currently in a relation ship so I can't give any feedback on using it in a sexual way, but the erection rod really does make it look like you have a boner, perfect way to fake morning wood at a sleepaway camp with my buds. Bottom line, this is a very good packer-stp, and I highly recommend it! Just remember not everyone is exactly the same, may take a bit of adjusting to get used to."

amazing prosthetic

  K - Dec 04 2013, 05:24 AM

"The peecock (gen 2 4in) is everything I hoped it would be. The only reason I docked a star is pricing..I still don't think it needs to be so expensive, but I'm not saying it wasn't worth it either. I couldn't have gotten such a good product anywhere else. It looks great, except the balls aren't super convincing but that's really not even anything I care about. When you whip it out, it looks awesome. It's super simple to use as an stp once you make sure it's in place and you've got the right hold on it. I keep mine in place with a jock strap that I cut a hole into. If I were to wear it inside my boxer briefs w/o the strap it wouldn't stay in place all day. Regular tight briefs would hold it in place fine too. I think the sizing is perfect for a littler guy like me. It doesn't show a huge bulge or anything. I haven't yet used the rod and kit for sex yet, but just trying it out, it feels awesome. It looks and feels very real and seems like it would work well. Over all very happy with my purchase."

I am literally so impressed.

  Tristin - Sep 28 2013, 12:48 PM

"Maybe I'm easy to impress or naive, who knows. I ordered this almost two weeks ago and it arrived today. Shipping time was quick considering I picked the cheapest option. This is the first packer/STP/prosthetic/whathaveyou I've owned; definitely spent a lot of time looking at various options before deciding I should just go ahead and spend some money on this. While I now think the 5.5" wouldn't have hurt, I am so extremely happy with my purchase. I bought it with the pleasure pack and jock harness, both of which I also readily recommend. When I first opened the package the attention to detail really impressed me. Got excited and put it on of course and then proceeded to do a stupid dance around my room while laughing because it literally makes me so happy just even knowing it's there. Testing out the peeing feature was obviously next on the checklist. Thanks to all of the great reviews both here and on YouTube, I successfully stood to pee and it was really amazing and I left the bathroom with a huge grin. I don't have TOO much to say about the playing feature as I've only had the thing for a few hours and my sexual partner is in a different city currently. I will say though, I've never had fun masturbating before and tonight, shy little, sexually restrained me had so much fun. Which is what I feel the playing part should be about anyway. Can't keep a smile off my face and I can't say enough good things about this. I will definitely be purchasing the 5.5" when money isn't so tight."


  FTM Info - Apr 15 2013, 19:13 PM

"After ordering, it took only one week to arrive (6 days). It's a great packer. It's looks may not be as realistic, but more realistic packers usually cost twice as much as a Pee-Cock. The STP function is also easy to pick up, you just practice with it a few times and you'll be able to pee very easily. Haven't had problems with it overflowing or leaking once I got good at it. The 4 inch is, in my opinion, a bit too small for sex: the erection rod ends before the glans so the tip would be too soft and difficult to penetrate with. The bulge is pretty small, but it feels natural (if someone squeezes you there? xD) and it fills up the pants sufficiently. In boxers it looks great. This is just a small review, I've written a full indepth review with images at http://ftminfo.org/articles/review-pee-cock-gen2-4-inch/ :)"

Love it!

  Anonymous - Apr 04 2013, 16:18 PM

"I have the old Pee-Cock and it didn't do well for me, and I was unsure about this new Gen2 Pee-Cock, but seeing all the good review I took the risk again. I just have to say wow, I love it, and it works! Done it 1st time without any problems with leaks, and I have the Peecock Comfort Jock Harness, and I don't even have to ajust my Pee-Cock before use, I just whip it out and go with no problems. I'm from the UK and it only took a week to get to me. For me this is the only STP that really works as I have tried others and failed. Thank you Peecock Products!"

Absolutely love it!

  Kyle - Feb 16 2013, 08:36 AM

"This is my first stp. I made the right choice!! I peed through it for the first time with no leaks and it was easy to grasp. Forms to body. I can't believe I finally have a passing chance at a urinal with out ANY fear of leaking with no mastery needed. Day one and I'm good. The pleasure kit is a must!! Totally worth it and my girlfriend loves it! Shipping and packaging was swift and not a give away! Thank you for this wonderful product!! I'll deffinatly be back for more! :)"


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