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PeeCock GenX Usage Guide

Congratulations – you have made your first PeeCock product, and definitely next on your list is to learn how to take care and use your prized possession. Here is a quick guide on how to perform maintenance so that you can enjoy your PeeCock product for longer.

How to Use


The PeeCock GenX packs easily and securely in your briefs without having to use a harness and stays in place best when worn under snug-fitting jockey briefs. We recommend briefs with a pouch or with a fly. If you wish to wear boxers or other loose clothing, the PeeCock GenX can be secured using a Peecock Comfort Harness or Jock Harness.

Whlist the PeeCock GenX looks great when worn under swimwear and other athletic clothing, we recommend wearing the Peecock Comfort Harness or Jock Harness during vigorous physical exercise.

Also, choose from our range of Underwear Harnesses, (e.g. Peecock Brief or Boxer Harnesses) which lets you pack your PeeCock GenX securely and neatly. The Peecock Brief or Boxer Harnesses are specially designed with additional layers to hold your PeeCock GenX firmly and at the same time allow you to use it for STP.


Unbutton your pants at the waist and lower the zipper.

Position the funnel so that it covers firmly over the genitals, you’ll need to spread your legs apart and bend slightly forward. Use one hand to hold the 3D scrotum and point the shaft downward with your other hand. You should be able to urinate freely but try to maintain normal urinary pressure as much as possible in order to prevent any overflowing.

Make sure you drain out any excess pee from the funnel by lightly pushing the scrotum forward after you’re done urinating. Hold the shaft and shake it 2 or 3 times to expel the last drops. Tuck it back in your pants and walk tall!


Newly Designed GenX Pleasure Kit: Coming with a revolutionary design and made with a patent pending new TPE blend, the Pleasure Kit (comes with every Peecock GenX purchase) allows the user to attain orgasmic bliss, either by rubbing the genital on the surface or penetrating the growth clit into the kit. No lubricating gel is needed for the GenX Pleasure Kit; its unique material works well with water to create the same ‘wet’ feeling that is created through sexual excitement.

Care and Cleaning

Whether you have bought a PeeCock, or a Pleasure Kit, or an Erection Rod from us, the following care and cleaning tips should help you in using the product hygienically as well as helping it to last longer:

  • Rinse the outer surface every night with water and a mild antibiotic soap
  • Flush the funnel with mild soap and water
  • Liquid antibacterial soap applied with your finger or a Q-tip is ideal
  • Blot dry gently with a soft towel or allow to air dry


  • Control the flow of your urine. Release your urine at constant flow of small volume.
  • Position the ‘funnel’ with your anatomy pointing towards the upper part of the ‘funnel’. The ‘funnel’ should not be pressed against you, it should form a ‘cup’ so as to contain the urine and allow the urine to flow out easily.
  • Bend slightly forward to compromise the flow of your urine downwards to expel.

Should you have any particular usage or maintenance question on your PeeCock purchase, feel free to get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to provide further guidance.