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  1. What kind of material/s is PeeCock made of?

    The PeeCock is made of blends of very high grade premium silicone imported from Germany and USA. The PeeCock feels like the real penis, flaccid for everyday packing and firm enough for sexual intercourse when desire.

  2. How do I use the PeeCock for pee?

    To use the PeeCock for pee, hold the scrotum of the PeeCock with the base of your palm and press gently against your lower body to form a complete seal around your genitalia area. Pee slowly to allow urine to flow through the PeeCock shaft and expel through the tip. For a start, you need to control the pressure of your urine. If you are using the PeeCock with a full bladder, be sure not to release your urine with full force. Pee, hold and pee again so that urine does not build up and overflow in the funnel causing leakage to happen. For trial, you can let running water into the PeeCock funnel to observe the flow rate of water out to the tip. This way, you'll have a better understanding how the PeeCock can work perfectly for you. Remember to lean slightly forward such that the funnel is position on a more downwards angle to prevent backflow due to gravity. It is very simple to use, as easy as aim and shoot.

  3. Can the PeeCock be sterilized by boiling? Is it necessary to use the PeeCock with condom for play?

    The PeeCock is made of blends of very high grade premium silicone and silicone prosthetic can be washed with soap & water or sterilized in boiling water for not more than 2 minutes. We strongly recommend the use of condom for safety precaution and to prevent causing harm to your partner. Silicone prosthetic after sterilized can be very warm as they retain the heat for some time. When leaving to cool down in the open air, it can easily be in contact with bacterial or germs, as such, using silicone prosthetic with condom for penetrative sex is still the safest way.

  4. How long can the PeeCock last?

    Silicone prosthetic can last for years, but once you get a tiny nick or cut in it, it will tear easily, so keep your PeeCock away from cat claws, teeth and other sharp objects. Never use silicone-based lubricants on silicone items. The additive in the lube that keeps the silicone liquid can hurt your PeeCock. Based on general usage with proper care, the average life span for the PeeCock is about 12-24 months. We encourage you to renew your PeeCock yearly to maintain good hygiene.

  5. Do you accept returns, exchange or refund policy for the PeeCock, harnesses and binders?

    We apologise that we do not accept returns or exchange of the PeeCock, harnesses and binders because of the intimate nature of the products and for hygiene reasons. As we will not sell you a PeeCock, harnesses or binders that have been tried or used by another person. We hope you understand our policy for not accepting exchange or returns.

  6. What mode/s of payment do you accept for online purchase?

    We use Pay Pal gateway to accept payments for online purchases from our store. Pay Pal accepts payment using all major credit cards (eg. Master, VISA etc). However prepaid visa cards are not accepted by Pay Pal. You might like to take note that some banks block the use of credit or debit cards for payment out of their origin country. If this happens to your credit card, you should inform the bank that you are making payment for online purchase to merchant in Singapore so the bank can unblock your card for payment on our store. It is advisable to create a Pay Pal account to make payment for online purchases easy. If you have a bank account, you can link your PayPal account to your bank account without using a credit card. You can refer to for more details on payment issues.

    We also accept payment by Bank Transfer (Singapore only), Bank Telegraphic Transfer (Internationalto) or Western Union. Simply select "Bank Transfer" for the mode of payment at Check Out. The default currency on our store is USD. Pay the exact amount (including shipping fee) listed on your order form by Bank Transfer, Bank Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union. Send us proof of your payment to and remember to indicate your order number in the email. Once we received your payment, your order will be processed and ship on the next business day.

  7. How long do you take to process and ship my order once I completed the payment through Paypal?

    We usually wait 48 hours to facilitate funds clearance by PayPal before we ship order on the next business day. This is the standard waiting time as advised by PayPal for funds clearance to avoid fraud and to protect our interest. Once your package is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking number to trace your package online and an estimated arrival time for your package.

  8. Can I request the post man to drop the package at my front door without signature on delivery?

    Your request cannot be granted if you have opted to ship your order by Registered Mail or by FedEx. Registered mail (local or international) and FedEx delivery come with tracking number so you can trace the status of your package online, therefore you will be required to sign for your package upon delivery. For customers residing in USA, you have the option to opt for USPS 1st Class International Mail which does not require signature upon delivery. Package will be delivered to your mail box. This mode of mail service provides online tracking but no package enquiry and liability.

  9. How long does shipping take?

    Please refer to Delivery Information page for useful information on shipping and delivery.

  10. Is it safe to wear the PeeCock in the swimming pool and the sea?

    The PeeCock is designed to be in contact with water. You can swim with the PeeCock and it will not destroy the silicone. However we have not tested using the PeeCock for prolong hours in chlorinated pool or sea water. Please use with care.

  11. What is my personal information used for?

    We use your personal information only for billing and shipping. Information is never sold, rented or shared with any other service or company! Besides your order, you will not receive any additional catalogs, mailings, or emails from us unless you have opted to sign up to our newsletter.

  12. Is my online information secure?

    Your personal information will be protected by the worlds most advanced encryption technologies. The padlock on the bottom of your browser status bar ensures your order will be securely processed.

  13. How will the order show on my statements?

    Purchases made by PayPal will read on your statement as "H.A.N"

  14. Will I receive purchase confirmation?

    Once your order is submitted, you will receive an initial email confirming your order. Once your payment processed successfully, you will receive a second email indicating "payment received". Important: If you have submitted an invalid email address you will not receive automated notifications. Email addresses cannot be modified once an order is submitted.

  15. How do I follow up on the status of my order?

    Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email which contains the tracking information for your package. You can follow the information contain in the email to track the status of your package online. If you did not receive this email on the 5th business day after you completed the transaction of your order, please Contact Us or email to enquire on the status of your order. You should also check on your Junk or Spam email folder in case the email ended in the Junk or Spam Mail folder. You can use the SingPost track and trace website ( to check on the status of your order using the tracking information that we sent you.

  16. Why is my order/s "Cancelled" when I have completed payment for my order?

    If you have previously made more than one orders from our store within 24 hours and have paid for only one order, the other unpaid order/s will be automatically "Cancelled" by our system if no payment is received for the "Pending" order/s within 24 hours. For the paid order, the status will be changed to "Processing". For orders in "Processing" status, we usually wait 48 hours for funds clearance by PayPal before we ship the orders on the next business day. This is the standard waiting time as advised by PayPal for funds clearance to avoid fraud and to protect our interest.

  17. What does the package look like?

    All orders are shipped in white thermal package or plain brown cardboard postage box. The shipping label will identify the shipper as "Mr Tan" and will not reference "", "FTM Products" or any other identifying description related to products designed for FTM.

  18. What happens if my package was sent back?

    If a package is refused upon delivery and returned to our facility, due to wrong or insufficient mailing address or the package was deemed "Unclaimed" by the postal company, no refund will be granted. Customers can request for re-delivery to a new and correct address. Delivery and postage charges will be payable by customers. Please note that we are unable to issue refunds or credits for items seized by customs or for the shipping costs. If you choose to abandon your package rather than pay customs duties, we will not issue a refund for your order. All items purchased at our store are being dispatched/shipped in accordance with a carrier's delivery/postal service contract. This means that the risk of loss and the title to such items will be passed to the purchaser upon our delivery to a carrier or postal service.

  19. What happens if my package is LOST in transit?

    In an unfortunate event, if the package is lost-in-transit, a compensation credit note up to a maximum of S$68.00 (approx US$50.00) or the declared value whichever is lower, will be issued to you. Please kindly note that the maximum value which can be declared on the package sent by International Registered Airmail is S$68.00 and by FedEx is S$100.00, irregardless of the value of the content in the package. In the event of claim for LOST of package, the declared value will be compensated. All items purchased at our store are being dispatched/shipped in accordance with a carrier's delivery/postal service contract. This means that the risk of loss and the title to such items will be passed to the purchaser upon our delivery to a carrier or postal service.

  20. How are the Delivery Charges like?

    Delivery charges vary according to the weight of the products ordered. Please refer to Delivery Information page for useful information on goods delivery and shipping rates. To get estimated delivery charges, simply use our online shopping cart, select the delivery method and the shipping rate will be reflected for your order.

  21. What countries do you ship to?

    We provide shipping to worldwide. But we do not provide refund of payment of the goods if they are confiscated by your country's customs or are not delivered to you.

  22. How are orders ship to international locations?

    We provide several modes of shipment. You can opt to ship by Registered Airmail, USPS 1st Class Mail (USA only), FedEx IE (International Economy) or FedEx IP (International Priority). All modes of shipment comes with online tracking number.

  23. Customs and Import Duties Information

    You may be subjected to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information.

  24. How will the items be declared in customs?

    We usually declare the product value up to SGD68.00 for Registered Airmail and SGD100.00 for FedEx shipment. The name declarations are assigned per the following:
    Binder = T-shirts
    PeeCock = Silicone Prosthetic or Silicone Novelty Item or Novelty Item (Toy) or Silicone Mould
    Harness = Cotton Harness
    Jock Harness = Jock Underwear
    Brief Harness Underwear = Brief Underwear
    Boxer Harness Underwear = Boxer Underwear
    Height Increase Insole = Shoe Insole

  25. Can you ship my item as a "Gift"?

    We normally declare international order as "Gift" or "Other".