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As you start your FTM transition, one of the necessity items you may need is an everyday FTM packer. Owning a packer is an important step you can take to establish your manhood by spotting a natural bulge. Your very first FTM packer should look realistic, feel comfortable for packing, and be durable enough for daily wear.

That's where our new PeeCock Packer comes in. Since 2010, PeeCock Products have produced a wide range of 3-in-1 functional penis prosthetics, helping thousands of FTMs worldwide Pack, Pee, Play and achieve Pleasure with our PeeCock prosthetic models. We asked ourselves what we can do more for the FTM community and "Less is More" comes to our mind.

That's why we have gone down to the basics – we want to focus on helping every FTM to step out into the world confidently with our ultra-realistic packer made specially for FTMs. What's more, we made it highly affordable so that every FTM out there will find it a breeze to own a PeeCock Packer today.

PeeCock Packer | Impressive Features

It is common knowledge that there are so many different packers out there. But our PeeCock Packer is second to none – it is a packer made for FTM brothers by real FTMs. We know what you need in a packer; we studied almost every other packer in the market and combined the best features while eliminating the weak features we see in the packer products out there today.

  • Ultra-Realistic Appearance: We used multiple layers of premium medical grade 100% silicone to mold the PeeCock Packer, which comes with realistic veins on the penis shaft. We also created 3D super soft and squishy scrotum with optional floating testicles that move in the sack when you squeeze them.
  • One Size Fits All: We produce one standard size for our new PeeCock Packer which is the apt size for packing, helping you pass like a bio man with extreme ease.
  • Match Your Skin Tone: Coming in a matt finish, there are 5 options for colors where you can choose the best one to match your skin tone. All you will see when packing is a realistic flaccid penis prosthetic that is so hard to tell from a bio man's flaccid penis.
  • Every Transman's Packer: The design is developed over a series of experiments where real FTMs try them on and provide insights on how to improve the product into a truly worthy FTM packer that every transman will find confident to pack. No odor and truly affordable at USD $89!

For more on the other features of our PeeCock series, you can check out our PeeCock Introductory Page.

For how to use and care for your PeeCock 3-in-1, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.


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PeeCock Packer PeeCock Packer
$89.00 $49.00
PeeCock Packer 3inchSize: length: 75 mm , girth 100 mm, weight 225 g The PeeCock Packer is the ..
$89.00 $49.00