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AS-IS Long Drive

AS-IS Long Drive

AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks & Accessories

Fully Functional Products with Slight Imperfections

For those who want to try our PeeCocks and accessories at a discounted rate yet don't want to compromise the price for quality, this AS-IS product category is for you. Our PeeCocks are among the most advanced FTM prosthetic penises designed for the FTM community so you can expect Pack, Pee & Play capabilities that make your life easier. There are slight imperfections on our AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks but these imperfections do not affect the intended functions of our 3-in-1 products. The AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks are in a PERFECT WORKING CONDITION and durability. That is why we termed this category of products as AS-IS Long Drive because they can take the long drive with you just like our standard PeeCocks, except that they have slight imperfections which non-discerning buyers will be able to accept.

AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks | Product Features

  • Super realistic appearance
  • Leak-proof
  • Made with Improved blend of premium medical grade silicone from the US and Germany
  • Patented funnel technology that allows users to expel urine effectively
  • Low maintenance as prosthetic can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water
  • 8 types of harnesses available for optimal support
  • Can be used with the improved Erection Rod which is bendable and has a pee-able hole
  • Can be used with the improved Pleasure Kit which comes in three different options
  • Service lifespan is approximately 12 months

AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks | Types of Imperfections to Expect

  • Color imperfections (might be too heavy airbrushed or wrong base color)
  • Color stain marks at the funnel
  • Bubbles at the inner funnel (due to imperfect molds)
  • Very minor chip found on silicone inside funnel
  • Slight uneven thickness inside funnel

Buying AS-IS Long Drive Products | What You Should Know

Whether you are going to buy an AS-IS Long Drive PeeCock or an AS-IS Long Drive Pleasure Kit or an AS-IS Long Drive Pleasure Rod, you will be pleased to know that these products will come at least 20% below the standard retail prices. However, do note that all our AS-IS items sold are in AS-IS condition. There will be NO warranty, No exchange, and NO refund. If you have questions regarding an AS-IS product, feel free to contact us to learn more.

For how to use and care for your AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.

For order delivery information, please see our Delivery Information Page.


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