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PeeCock | Revolutionary Invention!
3-in-1 FTM Prosthetics for Pack, Pee & Play

If you identify as a Female-to-Male (FTM), one of the biggest concerns you will have during your transition is that you want to be able to do things the way the cis men do it, especially in the bathroom. While some might argue that bottom surgery is the ultimate goal that trans men should reach for, the truth is that until today, bottom surgery itself enjoys little success, and many FTMs deem having top surgery as a priority. Hence, with this in mind, the PeeCock series has been widely used as a Stand-to-Pee (STP) device by many FTMs across the globe today to ease their transition journey.

PeeCock | About Our Prosthetic Series

PeeCock is the FIRST ever FTM product to feature a 3-in-1 feature. We are a business driven by innovation, and that's why we launch different products to upgrade our offerings to the FTM community. Older models are retired to make way for their improved counterparts, and newer models are always manufactured to meet the constantly evolving needs of the new era.

  • PeeCock Gen1 (Retired)
  • PeeCock Gen2 (Retired)
  • PeeCock Gen2S (Retired)
  • PeeCock Gen3 (Retired)
  • PeeCock Gen3S (Only available in 4.75inch Uncircumcised)
  • PeeCock GenX (In stock)
  • PeeCock Gen4 (In stock)
  • PeeCock Packer (In stock)
  • PeeCock Gen4X (In stock)

PeeCock | Functionality

  • Packing: Every FTM out there wants a comfortable prosthetic penis to pack easily and comfortably. Because the PeeCock comes in different sizes, you can always find a suitable size to pack with confidence.
  • Peeing: The PeeCock excels because it can help you stand and pee with utmost ease. No leakage, no fuss, and no difficult learning curve!
  • Playing: Because the PeeCock is so realistic looking, it is definitely ideal for you to use it in the bedroom with your intimate partner. With the newly designed erection rod, you can get the PeeCock to be erected in any angle you want!

PeeCock | Features

  • The prosthesis is manufactured from high quality medical grade silicone materials from Germany and the United States
  • Patented innovative funnel technology that permits the effective elimination of urine through the shaft
  • Funnel opening is shaped to the lower body anatomy and it cups neatly without much adjustment
  • PeeCock 3-in-1 is leak proof
  • Opening at penis head (where urine is expel) is a single slit, making it more realistic
  • Customers can opt for 4 different sizes (3.75 inches, 4.75 inches, 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches)
  • Come with a customized erection rod which permits users to transform it from a flaccid state to an erected state
  • Come with an option to purchase the pleasure kit which can provide ultimate pleasure for the wearer when you use the PeeCock for playing
  • 8 types of harnesses available to provide optimal support and flexibility to adapt to your desired apparel
  • The prosthesis can be cleaned easily and effectively with warm, soapy water
  • The lifespan of the prosthesis is approximately 1-2 years

PeeCock | The Perfect Prosthetic Penis

While there are other penis prosthetics available at the moment, the cool 3-in-1 feature is what separates the PeeCock from the rest of the competition. If you were to opt for an alternative way, you would have to at least purchase two separate devices, one for sexual intercourse and one for peeing. Because of this multifunctional nature of the PeeCock, you are able to save money by just buying one affordable 3-in-1 device.

The PeeCock is the ideal prosthetic penis for both the FTM who decides not to opt for a sex change operation, and simply want to pass as a cis man as well as the FTM who is worried about the after-effects of the transgender operation because it can give them a solid idea on what to expect.

Strikingly similar to an actual penis during sexual intercourse, this device is a mirror into the world of the cis guys. It allows you to find out exactly what you are signing up for, and is a must-have for all transitioning trans men out there. Simply put, the PeeCock 3-in-1 is the real deal for all FTMs out there!


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