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Retired PeeCock Series

Retired PeeCock Series

PeeCock is the FIRST ever FTM prosthetic penis to feature a 3-in-1 feature. We are a business driven by innovation, and that's why we launch different products to upgrade our offerings to the FTM community. Older models are retired to make way for their improved counterparts, and newer models are always manufactured to meet the constantly evolving needs of the new era.

PeeCock | History and Reputation

Though Singapore is known to be a little prosperous island, the citizens are not exactly known to be inventive folks. However, Peecock Products have overturned this notion in terms of our products for FTMs. Our relentless dedication to serving the needs of our FTM brothers has placed us high up on the global map in the FTM arena while bringing a whole new level of recognition in the creative niche for the country.

In February 2011, PeeCock Gen1 has taken the transgendered world by storm. It is the first of its kind and FTM communities everywhere were talking about the then-revolutionary 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Play device that exudes brilliance in its conception. The brains behind Peecock Products did not stop there; we have continued to develop PeeCock family, and launched many other PeeCock 3-in-1 prosthetics. The rest, they say, is history.

PeeCock | Timeline of Launched Products

  • PeeCock Gen1 – Launched in Feb 2011 – Currently Retired Series
  • PeeCock Gen2 – Launched in Nov 2012 – Currently Retired Series
  • PeeCock Gen2S – Launched in Dec 2014 – Currently Retired Series
  • PeeCock Gen3 – Launched in May 2015
  • PeeCock Gen3S – Launched in Aug 2015

Even though we no longer sell retired PeeCock series, we are proud of the heritage that is weaved through the years by our Peecock Products. If you are interested to try our products, do check out our latest PeeCock models.


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