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AS-IS Short Spin

AS-IS Short Spin

AS-IS Short Spin PeeCocks & Accessories

Defective Products at Hugely Slashed Prices

Whether you are looking to try PeeCocks at the most minimal prices or you want to see the PeeCock colors in person or you are looking for a prosthetic penis prop to use on stage, AS-IS Short Spin PeeCocks can be the ideal solution. Different from our AS-IS Long Drive products, these AS-IS Short Spin products are termed so because you can, well, only take them for a short spin. They have DEFECTS that interfere with the intended functions of our standard PeeCocks, and will not last long. However, their redeeming feature is that they are EXTREMELY CHEAP because we are selling them at a super low price starting at US$30. Our AS-IS Short Spin Pleasure Kits and AS-IS Short Spin Pleasure Rods will be sold at a super low price starting at US$3.

AS-IS Short Spin PeeCocks | Product Features

  • Super realistic appearance
  • Made with Improved blend of premium medical grade silicone from the US and Germany
  • Low maintenance as prosthetic can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water
  • 8 types of harnesses available for optimal support
  • Can be used with the improved Erection Rod which is bendable and has a pee-able hole
  • Can be used with the improved Pleasure Kit which comes in three different options
  • Service lifespan is limited

AS-IS Short Spin PeeCocks | Defects to Expect

Most of our AS-IS Short Spin PeeCocks come with defects on the penis tips. You can usually spot them as small cuts on the tips. Even though these are small cuts, PeeCock Products take quality issues seriously and therefore will never sell them as standard retail prices. These small cuts can develop into big tears over repeated usage, and have limited durability. Our AS-IS Short Spin Pleasure Rods and AS-IS Short Spin Pleasure Kits will have similar defects such as small cuts, slight deform and therefore classified as defective products that we are selling for extremely lowered prices.

Buying AS-IS Short Spin Products | What You Should Know

There are many ways in which our AS-IS Short Spin products can still meet your needs. Despite coming with defects, you may want to buy these products if you want them to serve a temporary purpose or a non-usage purpose (such as using them as stage props). However, do note that all our AS-IS items sold are in AS-IS condition. There will be NO warranty, No exchange, and NO refund. If you have questions regarding an AS-IS product, feel free to contact us to learn more.

For how to use and care for your AS-IS Long Drive PeeCocks, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.

For order delivery information, please see our Delivery Information Page.


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