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PeeCock GenX is the latest addition to our PeeCock line of prosthetic penises, and is designed to marry the best of functionality and affordability. The launch of GenX is especially memorable for us because it is the first time we have launched a new PeeCock model without it being an upgraded version of our predecessor models.

This newly designed PeeCock is made for the practical FTM in mind – who wants the convenience of an everyday 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Pleasure prosthetic penis without paying the premium price. Even though it is extremely affordable, you can be assured that its quality is not compromised. It is like the little brother of all the PeeCocks we have made but just as stellar when it comes to the multi-functional features.

  • Pack: You can pack the PeeCock GenX comfortably inside your briefs because of its compact size or you can choose to select a Peecock Harness to help you wear it even more securely.
  • Pee: Standing to pee is easily achieved because of the patented funnel technology that will prevent backflow and leakage. GenX can also be used by FTMs who have undergone the metoidioplasty surgery as well as cis men with a micropenis.
  • Pleasure: While other PeeCock models can be used for sexual penetration, GenX is unique in the sense that we designed it for ultimate self-pleasure which can be achieved with the newly designed GenX Pleasure Kit which comes with a patent pending New TPE blend.

PeeCock GenX | Impressive Features

Even though our PeeCock prosthetics are highly popular among the FTM community, we listen to your needs, and constantly find ways to expand our current product offerings. Our relentless research and product evaluation efforts have paid off in the form of GenX, the affordable FTM prosthetic penis which is small in size but big on capability:

  • Super Realistic Appearance: We used an improved blend of premium medical grade silicone to mold the PeeCock GenX, which comes with realistic veins on the penis shaft and the scrotum details are super lifelike.
  • One Size Fits All: Unlike previous generations of PeeCock, GenX comes in only one standard size because it is meant to be a sleek and lean version with efficiency in mind for everyday use.
  • Functionality Redefined: While many FTM products out there feature 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Play (PeeCock Gen1 is in fact the first 3-in-1 prosthetic penis in the world) – we have decided to make GenX's Play element into Pleasure – where the user can use it to masturbate on the go.
  • Newly Designed GenX Pleasure Kit: Coming with a revolutionary design and made with a patent pending new TPE blend, the Pleasure Kit (comes with every GenX purchase) allows the user to attain orgasmic bliss, either by rubbing the genital on the surface or penetrating the growth clit into the kit. No lubricating gel is needed for the GenX Pleasure Kit; its unique material works well with water to create the same 'wet' feeling that is created through sexual intercourse.

For more on the other features of our PeeCock series, you can check out our PeeCock Introductory Page.

For how to use and care for your PeeCock GenX, please see our PeeCock GenX Usage Guide.


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PeeCock GenX 3inch PeeCock GenX 3inch
$158.00 $50.00
PeeCock GenX 3inchSize: length: 75 mm , girth 100 mm, weight 130 g PeeCock GenX is little broth..
$158.00 $50.00