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PeeCock Usage Guide

Congratulations – you have made your first PeeCock product, and definitely next on your list is to learn how to take care and use your prized possession. Here is a quick guide on how to perform maintenance so that you can enjoy your PeeCock product for longer.

How to Use


The PeeCock packs easily and securely in your briefs without having to use a harness and stays in place best when worn under snug-fitting jockey briefs. We recommend briefs with a pouch or with a fly. If you wish to wear boxers or other loose clothing, the PeeCock can be secured using a Peecock Comfort Harness, Jock Harness or Miracle Strap Harness..

Whlist the PeeCock looks great when worn under swimwear and other athletic clothing, we recommend wearing the Peecock Comfort Harness, Jock Harness or Miracle Strap Harness during vigorous physical exercise.

Also, choose from our range of Underwear Harnesses, (e.g. Peecock Brief or Boxer Harnesses) which lets you pack your PeeCock securely and neatly. The Peecock Brief or Boxer Harnesses are specially designed with additional layers to hold your PeeCock firmly and at the same time allow you to use it as STP and for Play.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND packing all day with the PeeCock shaft pointing upwards and sitting on it over long period of time in compressed underwear. This may cause the joint between the shaft and scrotum to weaken over time due to over stretching and eventually shorten the shelf life of the product.


Although the PeeCock is easier to understand and utilize than other products, you should first learn the ropes before whipping it out in a public urinal. To pee using the PeeCock, you will need to unbutton your pants at the waist and lower the zipper. Position the 'funnel' so that it covers firmly over the genitals, you'll need to spread your legs apart and bend slightly forward. Use one hand to hold the 3D scrotum (with one finger at the back flap of the funnel) and point the shaft downward with your other hand.

You should be able to urinate freely but try to maintain a normal urinary pressure as much as possible in order to prevent any overflowing. The base of the PeeCock needs to be held firmly against the genitals in order to avoid shooting streams in random directions. We all know that in the eventuality of releasing a sudden burst of urine that exceeds the capacity of the shaft, then an overflow is inevitable.

It might sound difficult at first, but it is in fact quite easy to get accustomed to and the maximum flow capacity of the PeeCock can be learned by allowing water to run through the funnel at various pressures. After you're done urinating, make sure you drain out any excess pee from the ‘funnel’ by lightly pushing the scrotum forward. Hold the shaft and shake it 2 or 3 times to expel the last drops. Tuck it back in your pants and walk tall!

When wearing the PeeCock with the Miracle Strap or Ring Type Harness, the constant pulling downwards effect on the PeeCock (for STP) can cause too much tension to form at the joint (between the shaft and scrotum) and eventually shorten the shelf life of the product. To overcome this problem, user should position the PeeCock by moving it at the waistband point of the harness (so that the whole of the PeeCock is moved) instead of pulling the PeeCock at the scrotum point to position it, which caused tension at the joint where the strap or ring loops around the shaft, and over time will result in the silicone ripping.


Using the PeeCock for sexual intercourse is easy. First, apply some water-based lubricant onto the ‘erection rod’ (provided when you purchase your PeeCock) and then insert the rod into the funnel until the base (larger end) of the rod is in line with the opening at the back of the shaft.

The PeeCock is now erected, firm and ready.

The Gen3 and Gen3S erection rod can be bent to your desired position to provide maximum stimulation for your partner. Before you start to use PeeCock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom over it to practise safe sex with your partner. Never insert the erection rod over the opening of the penis head, as this can cause serious injury to your partner.

Please AVOID letting your partner sit on top of your PeeCock during Play. This position might cause too much pressure at the joint between the shaft and scrotum. The force and combination of thrusting movements can weaken the joint and eventually break your PeeCock. We don't recommend anything on top of your PeeCock, but the risk is entirely up to you.

*If you purchased the Gen3 PeeCock Pleasure Set, the soft silicone material (removable) at the base of the erection rod is designed to provide simulation for the wearer. When the PeeCock is pushed against the lower body of the wearer and with the combination of thrusting movements, it creates sensation when the soft silicone comes in contact with the wearer's genitals. ENJOY!


The all-new Gen2 Pleasure Rod is a 3-in-1 Pleasure Rod where the user can join in the fun and enjoy self-climax while helping your partner to achieve his or hers! What's more, this new Pleasure Rod features an ejaculation functionality that is too good to miss!

Follow the 7 steps guide on the proper usage for Gen2 Pleasure Rod

  • Step 1: Rub a small amount of water based lubricating jelly on the Pleasure Rod
  • Step 2: Apply the lubricating jelly evenly on the whole shaft of the Pleasure Rod
  • Step 3: Slide the Pleasure Rod all the way into the PeeCock until the base sits nicely on the PeeCock funnel
  • Step 4: Ensure that you can see the tip of the Pleasure Rod (with the 1mm opening) from the tip of the PeeCock
  • Step 5: Inject your favourite "cum" juice through the 1mm tip opening of the Pleasure Rod. You will need a 19G needle with 5-10ml syringe or equivalent.
  • Step 6: The PeeCock is now erected and ready to use for penetrative sex or self play (masturbation)
  • Step 7: When you are ready to "cum", press on the reservoir continuously to ejaculate

Get creative and make your own "cum" juice. Here are a few suggestions, e.g. water, water with corn flour, lubricating jelly with corn flour, yogurt, whip cream etc.

*NOTE: You can also inject the "cum" juice into the Pleasure Rod before inserting into the PeeCock. Whichever sequence works for you.

Care and Cleaning

Whether you have bought a PeeCock, or a Pleasure Kit, or an Erection Rod from us, the following care and cleaning tips should help you in using the product hygienically as well as helping it to last longer:

  • Rinse the outer surface every night with water and a mild antibiotic soap
  • Flush the funnel with mild soap and water
  • Liquid antibacterial soap applied with your finger or a Q-tip is ideal
  • Blot dry gently with a soft towel or allow to air dry


  • Control the flow of your urine. Release your urine at constant flow of small volume.
  • Position the ‘funnel’ with your anatomy pointing towards the upper part of the ‘funnel’. The ‘funnel’ should not be pressed against you, it should form a ‘cup’ so as to contain the urine and allow the urine to flow out easily.
  • Bend slightly forward to compromise the flow of your urine downwards to expel.

Should you have any particular usage or maintenance question on your PeeCock purchase, feel free to get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to provide further guidance.