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Transparent Harness

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Introducing the Transparent Harness: Simple and Discreet Support for Your PeeCock Gen5

Elevate your PeeCock experience to unprecedented levels with our Transparent Harness – a simple yet ingenious design, the ideal companion for the PeeCock U Clip. This innovative accessory ensures your PeeCock Gen5 stays securely in place beneath your boxers and loose-fitting attire, providing unmatched comfort for extended wear. Crafted from a clear elastic band, it's built for both discretion and style.

Please Note: The Transparent Harness is not compatible with earlier generations of PeeCock, such as the PeeCock Gen4X, Gen4, Gen3S, etc.

Key Features that Redefine Simple and Discreet Support

  • Unparalleled Security: Secure and support your PeeCock Gen5 with unwavering reliability.
  • Inconspicuous Design: The transparent elastic band discreetly blends with your attire, ensuring your harness remains virtually unnoticed at first glance.
  • Robust Fastening: A durable metal ring ensures that your PeeCock remains securely in place, allowing you to move with confidence.
  • All-Day Comfort: Designed for all-day wear, our Transparent Harness keeps you comfortable and at ease throughout your adventures.
  • Variety in Hip Sizes: Available in six different hip sizes, finding your perfect fit has never been easier.

note: for added convenience during play, consider wearing tight-fitting briefs or boxers with a front pouch opening over the transparent harness.

Buying & Care Instructions:

To make the most of your Transparent Harness and ensure its lasting performance, follow these care guidelines:

  • Handle with Care: Be gentle when securing the harness on the PeeCock U Clip, and avoid overstretching the transparent elastic band.

  • Precise Placement: When positioning the Transparent Harness at the pubic region, exercise care for the perfect fit.

  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is hassle-free—wipe it with a clean damp cloth or wash it with clean water and simply wipe it to dry. Enjoy ultimate comfort while keeping things safe and hygienic.

To select the right size, measure around your lower waist, just below the belly button and over the hip-bone area, where the waistband will rest.

Important: Due to hygiene considerations, sales of undergarment apparel are final. Please ensure you order the correct size, as items are not returnable or exchangeable.

Directions for Using the Transparent Harness

1. Attach the U Clip onto the U tab of the PeeCock by placing the bottom left ear loop into the bottom left opening on the U tab.

2. Rotate clockwise to securely fasten the U Clip through all four openings on the U tab.

3. Guide one end of the transparent elastic strap through the top right ear loop of the U Clip and into the top left ear loop.

4. Secure the loose end of the transparent elastic strap into the metal ring.

5. Slip into the harness with the comfort and ease of regular underwear.

6. Adjust the PeeCock's position to ensure it rests perfectly in your pubic region for an unmatched level of comfort.

Elevate your PeeCock journey and prioritize discretion, support, and confidence with our simple Transparent Harness. Redefine your adventure today.

The PeeCock Gen5 with U Clip & Transparent Harness
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