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Gen2 Pleasure Rod

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Gen2 PeeCock Pleasure Rod
Size: length: 99 mm, width 32 mm, weight 78-103 g

The all-new Gen2 Pleasure Rod is a 3-in-1 Pleasure Rod where the user can join in the fun and enjoy self-climax while helping your partner to achieve his or hers! What's more, this new Pleasure Rod features an ejaculation functionality that is too good to miss!

A Better & Smarter Pleasure Rod

When we first launched the Gen1 Pleasure Rod, it was the world's first ever masturbator kit for FTMs. We listened to the feedback from the FTM community and made several improvements so that our new Pleasure Rod can meet all the expectations from the ground up. It is now better built, bolder, and smarter!

Here's how the Gen2 Pleasure Rod looks like inside the PeeCock Gen3S:

ERECT Like a Cis Male!

Because of the smart and sturdy design of the Gen2 Pleasure Rod, your flaccid PeeCock will erect at a beautiful angle even though the front part of the Pleasure Rod is hollow. The firm part of the silicone actually mimics the soft bone of an erected bio penis and it is firm enough to use the PeeCock for penetrative sex when the Pleasure Rod is inserted. Your partner will find it hard to distinguish your PeeCock from a bio penis because we have designed the Pleasure Rod to help your PeeCock work in the closest resemblance like a bio man.

PLEASURE Yourself Together with Your Partner!

When you insert the Pleasure Rod into your PeeCock and use it for masturbation, this allows you to jack off like the cis male and achieve ultimate pleasure on your own! By jerking the shaft of the PeeCock, the soft silicone base of the Pleasure Rod will be pressed against your genital (if you're pre-T with no growth on the clit), providing acute stimulation and mind-blowing sensation.

During penetrative sex, you can also insert your stiff PeeCock into your partner while the thrusting movement together with the suction pressure will help you pleasure yourself. It is basically a breeze to achieve a wonderful orgasm together with the Pleasure Rod inside your PeeCock!

EJACULATE as You Attain Orgasmic Climax!

This is a brand new feature for the Gen2 Pleasure Rod as the user can now enjoy the additional fun of being able to ejaculate with the Pleasure Rod inside your PeeCock. The tip has a less than 1mm hole for injecting liquid (e.g. water or self-made “cum” juice made with water-based lubricant & corn flour or even yogurt for that extra fun) and when ready to ejaculate, the user just need to continuously press on the rod to ejaculate. Imagine the look of bliss on your partner as you share your orgasmic climax with him or her!

Features of the Pleasure Rod

  • The Pleasure Rod consists of a 3-in-1 system with the rod and pleasure kit built as one new product with ejaculation feature
  • The rod is NOT detachable in this system
  • Rod is made entirely of silicone with two different textures
  • Main part of the rod is firm and hard which turns the PeeCock into an erected state when inserted
  • Base of the rod is extremely soft to create erotic stimulation and sensation
  • You can choose from 3 different orifices (Original, Butt, Lips) for the base of the rod

NOTE: The Gen2 Pleasure Rod is a separate item and can be purchased separately. This is not included in the PeeCock purchase. So, if you want to experience the best action for yourself and your partner when you use your PeeCock for play, getting the Gen2 Pleasure Rod is a must!

Gen2 Pleasure Rod Intro
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Gen2 Pleasure Rod into PeeCock Gen3S
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Gen2 Pleasure Rod into PeeCock Gen4
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For how to use and care for your Gen2 Pleasure Rod, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.


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