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Carex Condom & Lube Pack

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The Carex Condom and Lubricating Jelly are essential when using the PeeCock for PLAY. Apply some water-based lubricant (eg. Carex Lubricating Jelly) onto the ‘Erection Rod’ to easily insert the rod into the funnel of the PeeCock. Before you start to use the PeeCock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom (eg. Carex Lubricated Condom) over it to practise safe sex with your partner. Keep these individually packed items handy and be ready for PLAY anytime, anywhere.

Carex Condoms are individually electronically tested. It contains natural rubber latex and each condom is lubricated for ease of penetration.

Carex Lubricating Jelly is water soluble and is suitable to use with silicone prosthesis. The lubricant does not contain spermicide and it is not a contraceptive.

**Please note that you will receive a complimentary pack of condom and lubricating jelly for every purchase of the PeeCock.


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