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PeeCock Gen2 Pleasure Kit

  • Product Code: PC-PK-1
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PeeCock Gen2 Pleasure Kit
Size: length: 7.0 cm, width 1.7 cm, weight 20 g

Too many FTM products out there often focus on either the packing or peeing aspects, but when it comes to using the prosthetic penis for sexual play, the user is still largely neglected. Fret not, with our Pleasure Kits, you will never have to feel that you're denying yourself of the rights to feel just as stimulated as your partner. Your bedroom rendezvous is going to get exciting!

The PeeCock Gen2 Pleasure Kit consist of the uniquely shaped soft silicone piece which can be attached to or detached from the base of the 'erection rod'. The Pleasure Kit is designed to provide erotic simulation for the wearer. During sexual intercourse, when the PeeCock is push against the lower body of the wearer and with the combination of thrusting movements create sensation when the soft silicone comes in contact with the wearer's genitals. ENJOY!

NOTE: The 'erection rod' is NOT included in the PeeCock Gen2 Pleasure Kit set. This Pleasure Kit is a separate purchase from the PeeCock Gen2 purchase.

For how to use and care for your Pleasure Kit, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.


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