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PeeCock Gen3 Erection Rod System

  • Product Code: PC-ER-G3-1
  • Availability: In Stock

This is the upgraded Erection Rod System meant for use with the PeeCock Gen3.

Previously, the erection rod that comes with the older PeeCock models is not hollow. This means that when the rod is inserted, you can't use it for peeing. Things have changed for the PeeCock Gen3 because the rod is now hollow so you can use the PeeCock as a STP device, even when the erection rod is inserted. The rod is now modified so that you can bend it to any angle you want and it will help the PeeCock stay in the desired position.

**Please note that every purchase of the PeeCock Gen3 comes complete with a custom fit 'Erection Rod' and a PeeCock design soft pouch.

Usage Instructions

To use PeeCock for sexual intercourse is easy. First apply some water based lubricant onto the ‘erection rod’ (provided when you purchase your PeeCock) and then insert it into the ‘funnel’ until the base (bigger end) of the ‘erection rod’ is in line with the opening at the back of the shaft. The penis is erected, firm up and ready for action. Before you start to use PeeCock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom over PeeCock to maintain safe sex for your partner. Never insert the ‘erection rod’ over the opening of the penis head, as you could cause serious injury to your partner.

*If you purchased the 'Pee-Cock Gen3 Pleasure Kit set', the soft silicone material (removable) at the base of the 'Erection Rod' is designed to provide simulation for the wearer. When the PeeCock is push against the lower body of the wearer and with the combination of thrusting movements create sensation when the soft silicone comes in contact with the wearer's genitals. ENJOY!


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