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Peecock Height Increase Insole

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This comfortable AIR design insole increase your height close to 5cm discreetly. Peecock Height Increase Insole comes in adjustable layer system that allows you to adjust the thickness to your desired height increase from 3.5 to 5cm. The design incorporates an air pocket that is engineered to take exact compression and loading requirements for extreme comfort with no height loss and the best part is, the insole adapts to the shape of your foot comfortably. The insoles are made very durable and should last for a reasonable period of time. But it is advisable to replace these height increase insoles every 3 to 4 months to ensure good hygiene if you wear them everyday.

Who Can Wear Peecock Height Increase Insoles?

Peecock Height Increase Insole may be used by both men and women, in all standard footwear. To fit your shoes perfectly, there are sizes curve engraved at the back of the insoles, you can simply use a pair of scissors to trim the excessive by following the line.

Men/Women : US size 5-7 (23-25)
Men : US size 7-10 (25-28)

This product is suitable for all types of boots (such as Converse Chuck) which can comfortably conceal the lift of the insole and provide valuable and secret height increase. It is also comfortable for daily wear because the insoles are lightweight hidden increaser. It is advisable to wear the insoles without the additional layer and over time introduce the additional layer to your shoe. This will mean that a sudden height increase will not be so obvious to anyone else.

When To Wear Peecock Height Increase Insoles?

Peecock Height Increase Insoles are worn for various reasons from attending social events for a more prominent appearance to wearing them for interviews. Some people wear them on a permanent basis whilst others for special occasions such as wedding photos or interviews as mentioned above.

The wonderful feeling of being taller outweighs any initial discomfort you might experience. You can comfortably wear the Peecock Height Increase Insole the whole day long to reduce pressure on the back and knees when walking. This is proven to effectively reduce spinal shrinkage with age. Try the Peecock Height Increase Insole today to feel the difference!


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