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Mid Length Super Binder Velcro

  • Product Code: MLSB990V
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This FTM binder is designed for mid to large chested guys. The front of the binder has an additional layer of 20cm vertical width binding fabric that flattens your chest with it's super binding effect without causing discomfort. If you are searching for a binder to give you the flat chested look with a masculine fit, the Peecock Mid Length Super Binder Velcro is what you have been looking for.


  • Comfortable with maximum binding effect
  • Use Velcro for easy adjustment to fasten and flatten your chest securely
  • 20cm vertical width binding fabric in the front
  • Round-Neck front and the shoulders strips are close to the edge of the shoulders, making them nearly invisible under other clothes

Recommended for medium to large chested guys, featuring additional layer of 20cm vertical width binding fabric in the front for maximum binding effect, and comfortable stretchable single layer fabric at the back. It pulls on easily over the head and fastens firmly with the new improved very secured buckle on the side.

This range of PeeCock chest binders is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Check the sizing chart for your correct size. Different models offer slightly different fit. We strongly recommend that you order one size larger than the chart indicates. If you are near the top of the range for a particular size, or if you are a D cup or larger, you may want to go up by one size.


How to Wear the Binder

  • Put it over your head
  • Put in the left hand
  • Pull the right side of velcro to the left to a comfortable width
  • Adjust the binder to the middle
  • Pull binder up a little bit from the underarm
  • Pull down the binder from the back little bit
  • It will feel GREAT!

Wash and Care Instructions

Best way: This will allow the binder to keep its style and binding effect the longest.

  1. Soak in water for a while then gently hand-wash and dry it. Don't add any softener while you wash it.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.

Easy way

  1. Put the clothes in an underwear washing bag, and wash together with other clothes in the washing machine.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.

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