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PeeCock Gen1 Erection Rod System

  • Product Code: PC-ER
  • Availability: In Stock

To use the PeeCock for play (sexual intercourse), you need to insert the 'erection rod' into the phallus through the built in 'funnel' system. Your flaccid PeeCock will be transformed into a firm and erected penis, ready for some action! The firmness of the 'erection rod' was careful engineered and designed using Autocad drawing by our lab engineer. The erected PeeCock was also tested for penetrative sex and it was as good as the real thing and some say it's even better. Try the PeeCock with the 'erection rod' to experience it yourself.

**Please note that every purchase of the PeeCock comes complete with a custom fit 'Erection Rod' and a PeeCock design soft pouch.

Usage Instructions

Simply insert the ‘erection rod’ (provided when you purchase your PeeCock) into the ‘funnel’ until the tip of the ‘Erection Rod’ is in line with the opening of the glans head. The base (bigger end) of the ‘erection rod’ should rest on the small opening of the ‘funnel’. The penis shaft is erected, firm up and ready for action. Before you start to use PeeCock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom over PeeCock to maintain safe sex for your partner. Never insert the ‘Erection Rod’ over the opening of the glans head, as you could cause serious injury to your partner.


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