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PeeCock Gen2S 6.5inch

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PeeCock Gen2S 6.5inch

Size: length: 165 mm , girth 125 mm, weight 300 g

PeeCock Gen2S is an improved design to the PeeCock Gen2. It is still sleek and natural in appearance but the improved details make the PeeCock looks a lot more realistic. The shaft feels exactly like a flaccid penis and with its more detailed texture and veins, it helps FTMs pass at the urinals easily. You can stand and pee with ease and confidence through the improved built in ‘funnel’ system. The extended back flap and carefully shaped opening on the funnel prevents back flow and making STP (stand-to-pee) a real breeze. No more leakage accident with the Gen2S PeeCock. The PeeCock stays in place under briefs, or you can use our range of Peecock Harnesses which allow you to wear it securely and comfortably with loose clothing.

PeeCock Gen2S | Product Features

  • Improved aesthetic outlook
  • New blend of silicone which is a lot softer and extremely comfortable to pack for the whole day
  • More detailed texture
  • Veins on the shaft
  • 3D scrotum (soft to touch)
  • Extended lower flap on the funnel (prevents back flow)
  • Funnel opening is shaped to the lower body anatomy (cups neatly without much adjustment)
  • Opening at penis head (where urine is expelled) is a single slit (more realistic)
  • More insertable length for all the sizes of PeeCock Gen2S
  • More girth on shaft (the 'erection rod' when inserted, adds more girth to the shaft)

NOTE: Every purchase of the PeeCock Gen2S comes with an erection rod as well as a customized soft design pouch by PeeCock Products. The Pleasure Kit is an additional option you can purchase, and is NOT included in your standard purchase of PeeCock Gen2S.

PeeCock Gen2S 6.5inch | Why Choose This Size?

Handsome in appearance and almost majestic like, this is the best size for those who love what they do in beds! It may seem a little larger and harder to pack for the thinner FTMs but for those who love to strut around proudly with a big bulge or for those larger-sized FTMs, this is probably a good fit.

PeeCock Gen2S | Color Options

This PeeCock comes in 5 different realistic skin tones:

  • Light Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone)
  • Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Light Brown (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Moderate Brown (Suitable for Asian skin tone)
  • Dark Brown (Suitable for Dark and Hispanic skin tone)

The skin tones on the PeeCock are integrated into the medical grade silicone itself, it is not airbrushed and thus, the base color will not fade or run. The color details on the PeeCock Gen2S are airbrushed at the scrotum, shaft and glans. We coated the surface with a protective layer after airbrushed so that the colored details can stay intact. However, due to temperature changes when the product is shipped (cold and hot air), it can affect the durability of the protective layer and as such, some of the airbrushed paint coat gets faded off quite quickly after wash.

For more on the other features of our PeeCock series, you can check out our PeeCock Introductory Page.

For how to use and care for your PeeCock 3-in-1, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.


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