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Python Pleasure Rod

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Python Pleasure Rod
Size: length: 99 mm, width 32 mm, weight 85-107 g

This is the Improved Python Pleasure Rod which is super malleable, sturdy and able to achieve a full upwards and downwards position. The BEST Pleasure Rod that we have ever made.

Our newest addition to our Pleasure penile prosthetic rods, the Python Pleasure Rod is what you have been waiting for if you are looking for the most functional penis prosthetic rod insert for your PeeCock prosthetics. Besides being a 2-in-1 Pleasure Rod, the most outstanding feature of this Python Pleasure Rod is its malleability while staying sturdy as you enjoy working up a climax with your partner!

Stronger & Sturdier

Other pleasure rods on the market have weak tips where they may fail in supporting the penis shaft staying fully erected during sexual intercourse, but you will never face this problem with our Python Pleasure Rod! We have designed this Pleasure Rod with a strong copper insert inside the rod while wrapping the strong insert with premium grade 100% silicone ends so that it is extremely safe to be used with our PeeCock penises.

Here's how the Python Pleasure Rod looks like inside the PeeCock Gen4:

Sturdy Yet Super Bendable

With a revolutionary design that makes this Pleasure Rod one of its first in the market, you will find that the Python Pleasure Rod very malleable. Just like when a python bends its body, you can bend this Pleasure Rod to your desired angle. Because of its sturdy and firm interiors, even when it is bent to your desired angle, after you insert the rod into your PeeCock penis, it will help your prosthetic penis stay in that fixed shape. There is no sound made when you bend the Python Pleasure Rod so you don't have to deal with any awkwardness during sex play. The firm part of the silicone actually mimics the soft bone of an erected bio penis and it is firm enough to use the PeeCock penis for penetrative sex when the Python Pleasure Rod is inserted.

Pleasure Yourself While You Penetrate or Masturbate

Simply put the Python Pleasure Rod into your Peecock and you can use it for masturbation. Coming in 3 different styles – Original, Lips & butt – the soft silicone base of the rod can be pressed against your genital (whether you're pre-T with no growth on the clit or you're post-T with a small growth on the clit) and this will provide an amazing sensation. Continue to jerk the PeeCock shaft against your genital and you can work yourself up for a climax and jack off like a bio man!

You can also use the Python Pleasure Rod (inserted into a PeeCock) for penetrative sex where your partner will find it hard to distinguish your PeeCock from a cis penis because we have designed the Python Pleasure Rod to work like a bio man's erected penis. Simply thrust your PeeCock slowly and steadily into your partner and see how the suction pressure swirls both of you into orgasmic bliss!

Features of the Python Pleasure Rod

  • The Python Pleasure Rod is a 2-in-1 system with the rod and pleasure kit built as one product
  • Rod is made of premium grade silicone and hidden copper insert
  • The rod is NOT detachable in this system
  • Rod is extremely bendable yet can stay strong, sturdy and firm
  • Base of the rod is soft and squishy to create erotic stimulation
  • You can choose from 3 different orifices (Original, Butt, Lips) for the base of the rod
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit into the different PeeCock Gen 3, Gen 3S, and Gen 4

To maintain the shelf life of the product:

  • Avoid continuous bending of the rod at specific angles, as this can shorten its lifespan.
  • Refrain from having your partner on top during play, as continuous thrusting motion with weight on the rod may break the inner aluminium rod
  • Packing with the Python Pleasure Rod inserted is not recommended. Constant compression and bending may also reduce the product's lifespan and risk damaging the PeeCock

These guidelines ensure optimal performance and durability, helping you make the most of your product.

NOTE: The Python Pleasure Rod is a separate item and can be purchased separately. This is not included in any standard PeeCock purchase. So, if you want to experience the best action for yourself and your partner when you use your PeeCock for play, getting the Python Pleasure Rod is a must!

Improved Python Pleasure Rod
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Improved Python Pleasure Rod with PeeCock Gen4
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Python Pleasure Rod Intro
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How to use Python Pleasure Rod?
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Python Pleasure Rod into PeeCock Gen4
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For how to use and care for your Python Pleasure Rod, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.


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