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Boxer Harness

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The Boxer Harness features an unique design and athletic cut to bring your sexy back. Made of premium-quality 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, it is lightweight and breathable. You can wear for all day with your PeeCock slip on and feel secure even doing vigorous exercises. Enjoy your PeeCock for Play anytime with the underwear harnesses. No time is wasted changing between harnesses, no buckling and fastening. Pack, Pee and Play anytime, anywhere with the Boxer Harness. Experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just soft cotton between you.

Boxer Harnesses are short, square cut boxer with additional 2 layers of unique design, soft premium cotton to hold your PeeCock (or STP or packer or Play toys from other manufacturers) securely in place. The Boxer Harness has front open fly access which allows you to use your PeeCock (or STP or packer or Play toys) for Pee and Play easily.

**Contact us to check if your STP, packer or Play toy fits well with the Boxer Harness.

Buying & Care Instructions

Like any pair of underwear, the Boxer Harness will not last forever, but you can increase their longevity by treating them with care. Use care when putting your PeeCock (or packer or Play toy) into and out of the Circle opening fabric layer. Putting the PeeCock in before slipping on your Boxer Harness makes it much easier. Machine or hand wash and machine dry (in a laundry bag) or hang dry. Enjoy and be safe.

To buy the right size, measure around your waist where waistband will sit - which is below the belly-button, over the hip-bone area.

Due to hygiene reasons, sales of under garment apparel are final. Please be sure to order the correct size and color. Item/s are not returnable or exchangeable.

Directions for using the Boxer Harness

1. Slide the PeeCock shaft through the back of the Boxer Harness and into the circle opening. The shaft can be packed to either side of the front pouch of the Boxer Harness.

2. Place the scrotum of the PeeCock into the pouch of the Boxer Harness leaving the funnel opening of the PeeCock outside at the back of the Boxer Harness.

3. Wear the Boxer Harness around your waist and adjust the waist band so that it rides just above your hips and the PeeCock shaft can be tucked to either side of the front pouch of the Boxer Harness. 

4. Place the shaft through the opening of the front pouch when using the PeeCock for STP or for Play. 

5. Tuck the shaft back through the front pouch and walk tall!

Harness Comparison Chart

Different Types Peecock Harnesses
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