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Camouflage Full Length Super Binder

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Introducing the NEW Peecock Camouflage Full Length Super Binder! It works like a binder but looks and feel like a tank top. It is so comfortable to wear, you cannot feel that you're actually wearing a binder inside the tank top. This FTM binder is designed for small to large chested guys. The front of the binder has an additional layer of binding fabric that flattens your chest with its super binding effect and it is discretely hidden on the inner layer of the tank top. The outer layer is made of slightly stretchable cotton material that fits your body shape snugly. The binding area is made of rows of very secure buckles and the length stops about 5cm above the belly bottom. All in all, the Peecock Camouflage Full Length Super Binder is the most discrete binder that is comfortable to wear and yet binds very well.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Has double layers of material on the whole upper body area for maximum support
  • Binding area stops right on top of belly, so it won't cause any feeling of pressure
  • The shoulders strips are close to the neck, making them nearly invisible under other clothes
  • User can easily adjust the width according to their chest
  • It pulls on easily over the head and fastens firmly with buckles on the right side

Recommended for small to large chested guys, this range of Peecock chest binders is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Check the sizing chart for your size. We suggest you get the exact size for a more snugly fit by following the sizing chart. If you are near the top of the range for a particular size, or if you are a D cup or larger, you may want to go up by one size.


How to Wear the Binder

  • Pull open the buckles on the inner layer of the binder
  • Put it over your head just like a T-shirt
  • Put in the left hand and then right hand
  • Roll up the outer layer of the binder until the inner layer of the binder is expose
  • Secure the buckles together to a comfortable fit
  • Roll down the outer layer of the binder and adjust the clothes to the middle
  • Adjust the underarm and tuck in binder neatly
  • It will feel GREAT!

Wash and Care Instructions

Best way: This will allow the binder to keep its style and binding effect the longest.

  1. Soak in water for a while then gently hand-wash and dry it. Don't add any softener while you wash it.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.

Easy way

  1. Put the clothes in an underwear washing bag, and wash together with other clothes in the washing machine.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.

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