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Clip Harness

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Experience unparalleled versatility and comfort with our Clip Harness, the ultimate companion for your Inflatable PeeCock adventure.

Our Clip Harness is the perfect companion for the Peecock FLY Clip, designed with multi-functional purposes including keeping your Inflatable PeeCock securely in place for Pack, Play and Pleasure. Crafted from faux leather, 100% polyester and nylon strap, while featuring a clip and lock system which allows you to custom fit the harness. It also features a pocket system at the front pouch to hold the Peecock Bullet Vibe at the right spot or secure the Peecock Pleasure System in place.

Discover the Features

  • Instant Security: Our cutting-edge clip and lock system ensures a lightning-fast, secure fit, so you can focus solely on your pleasure.
  • One Size Fits All: With an adjustable waistband that accommodates sizes from 26 inches to 50 inches, our harness is designed to embrace your body.
  • Precise Pleasure: Our innovative front pouch features a custom pocket system, guaranteeing the perfect placement for your Peecock Bullet Vibe or a secure hold for the Peecock Pleasure System.
  • Day-Long Comfort: Crafted from luxurious faux leather, resilient 100% polyester, and robust nylon straps, this harness promises all-day comfort without compromise.
  • Sleek in Black: Elevate your style game with our sleek and sophisticated black finish, combining aesthetics with functionality.

Please note: The Clip Harness is not compatible with earlier generations of PeeCock, including Gen4X, Gen4, Gen3S, etc.

Purchase and Care Instructions

While durability is at the heart of our Clip Harness, follow these pro tips to extend its service lifespan:

  • Gentle Application: Treat your harness with care when securing it to the FLY Clip.
  • Stretch with Caution: If you opt for the transparent elastic band, exercise caution to avoid overstretching.
  • Perfect Placement: Position the Clip Harness with precision in the pubic region for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze – simply hand wash and hang dry for a fresh, ready-for-action harness.

To select the right size, measure your lower waist, just below the belly-button and over the hip-bone area, where the waistband will sit.

Important: Due to hygiene considerations, sales of undergarment apparel are final. Please ensure you order the correct size, as items are not returnable or exchangeable.

How to Use the Clip Harness

1. Slide the bottom loop of the nylon strap through the horizontal opening on the FLY Clip.

2. Lock it securely by inserting the plastic pin through the loop.

3. Thread both ends of the front nylon strap through the left and right vertical openings on the FLY Clip respectively.

4. Attach the FLY Clip onto the U tab of the PeeCock by placing the bottom left ear loop into the bottom left opening on the U tab.

5. Rotate clockwise to achieve a secure fit by passing the FLY Clip through all four openings on the U tab.

6. Fasten both ends of the nylon strap (or transparent elastic band) to the back waist nylon strap using the convenient clip and lock system on the left and right end.

7. Wear the harness like any regular underwear.

8. Adjust the position of the PeeCock to rest comfortably at your pubic region.

Clip Harness Demo
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All-New Peecock Pleasure System
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