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Inflatable PeeCock 4.75inch

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Unleash Your Authenticity with the Inflatable PeeCock

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Introducing the Inflatable PeeCock, a revolutionary gender affirmation product tailored for FTM transgender individuals. It's more than a product; it's a celebration of self-expression, authenticity, and unwavering confidence. Step into your power today with the Inflatable PeeCock and explore a world where your identity knows no bounds. Order yours now to embrace a transformative experience of self-discovery, intimacy, and genuine self-affirmation.

Key Features of the Inflatable PeeCock

  • Realistic Comfort: Crafted from prosthetic-grade silicone, the Inflatable PeeCock offers a natural look and feel, ensuring the utmost comfort during wear. With a range of six realistic skin tones, it's designed to match your individual complexion, boosting authenticity and self-assurance.
  • Customizable Size and Firmness: Our innovative inflation system allows you to personalize the size and firmness, ensuring a perfect fit that aligns with your body, providing the ultimate comfort.
  • Optional Pleasure Features: Elevate intimacy with the Breaker and Stroker Pleasure System, catering to your unique desires and sensations. For an intensified pleasure option, choose the Peecock Bullet Vibe, perfect for personal pleasure or shared moments with a partner.
  • Versatile Attachment Options: Enjoy multiple attachment methods, including harnesses, velcro, and medical adhesive, allowing you to tailor your experience to your comfort level and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Instruction Guide: Empower yourself with our step-by-step guide, equipping you with the skills to optimize your Inflatable PeeCock experience. Learn how to seamlessly transition between flaccid and rigid states and shape the erection for the perfect fit.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Designed for durability and easy upkeep, the discreet inflation system gives you control over size and comfort. Proper deflation after use ensures device longevity, and we provide clear guidelines for simplified maintenance.
  • Empower Your Identity: The Inflatable PeeCock celebrates authenticity and self-expression, empowering you to be exactly who you envision. Join a community of individuals who have harnessed its transformative power firsthand.

The Inflatable PeeCock 4.75inch Specifications

Weight - 206g
Length - 4.75inch (120mm) flaccid and up to 6inch (150mm) rigid (full inflation)
Girth - 110mm flaccid and up to 120mm rigid (full inflation)

Note: Typically 10 complete pumps to achieve full inflation. DO NOT OVER PUMP!

The Inflatable PeeCock 4.75inch | Why Choose This Size?

This is a comfortable packing size for any FTM out there. And for those who love what they do in bed, it fulfils the size requirements for Play! If you are someone who intends to make a safe investment, we certainly recommend you to go for this size for the Inflatable PeeCock.

The Inflatable PeeCock | Color Options

6 different realistic skin tones:

  • Light Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin or light skin tone)
  • Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin or light skin tone)
  • Sand Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Light Brown (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Brown (Suitable for Asian and Hispanic skin tone)
  • Dark Brown (Suitable for Dark and Hispanic skin tone)

Before you get started, please follow these steps to ensure a successful experience with your Inflatable PeeCock.

Watch the Instructional Videos: Take the time to watch our instructional videos to learn how to use the Inflatable PeeCock effectively.
Read the Instruction Guide: Your package includes an Instruction Guide. Be sure to read it thoroughly for detailed information. If you've misplaced it, you can download the guide here.
Practice with the Pump and Release Valve: Before wearing it, practice using the pump and release valve to become comfortable with the device.

Introducing Inflatable PeeCock 4.75inch
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The art of Inflation & Deflation
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Inflatable PeeCock with FLY Clip & Pack Harness
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Clip Harness Demo
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All-New Peecock Pleasure System
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Attaching the Inflatable PeeCock with Velcro Tape
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Inflatable PeeCock with Velcro Tape Demo
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Inflatable PeeCock with Peecock Harnesses
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Inflatable PeeCock Demo
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Important Notice:
Our commitment to user safety is paramount. We utilize only skin-safe ink for airbrushing, ensuring the well-being of our users is upheld above all else. While it's possible for the airbrushed ink to experience fading over time, we've implemented measures to enhance its longevity by applying a protective coating.
It's essential to recognize that factors such as exposure to water, as well as abrasion from clothing and skin, can contribute to the fading of airbrushed ink. Despite our efforts to mitigate these influences, some degree of fading may occur with regular use.
Rest assured, we are dedicated to continuously exploring methods to improve the durability of our products while maintaining the highest safety standards for our users.

How to care and use the Inflatable PeeCock? Please refer to The Inflatable PeeCock Instruction and Care Guide.

For order delivery information, please see our Delivery Information Page.


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