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PeeCock Gen4X 4.75inch

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PeeCock Gen4X 4.75inch

Size: length: 125 mm , girth 115 mm, weight 289 g

Want to buy a 3-in-1 prosthetic penis that's made for FTMs in mind without breaking the bank? Look no further than our newly launched PeeCock Gen4X! You get most of the bells and whistles from our premium PeeCock Gen4 prosthetic product while we keep the price low. We also designed the latest PeeCock packer cum STP with premium grade silicone that has more elasticity and promises better durability. Pack with confidence; pee at the urinal like a natural; and play in the bedroom with an erection that never goes limp – what more can you ask for? Snap up a PeeCock Gen4X prosthetic penis now!

Because of the intimate nature of the product, all sales on our store is final. No exchange, refund or returns for all shipped orders. A 20% transaction fee will apply to any situations where exceptions can be made.

PeeCock Gen4X | Product Features

  • Ultra-realistic appearance with vein details on the shaft
  • Made with premium prosthetics grade silicone from the USA
  • Emulates the human skin with lifelike skin texture
  • Patented funnel technology that allows users to expel urine effectively
  • Leak-proof protection with sturdy spill guard
  • Easy to maintain as only warm, soapy water is needed for cleaning
  • 8 types of harnesses available for optimal support
  • Can be used with the standard Gen3S Erection Rod which is bendable
  • Can be used with PeeCock accessories such as the Python Pleasure Rod or Gen2 Pleasure Rod
  • Service lifespan is approximately 12 months dependent on care and usage pattern

NOTE: Every purchase of the PeeCock Gen4X comes with the standard custom fit bendable erection rod (Gen3S Erection Rod) as well as a customized design soft pouch by Peecock Products. The Python Pleasure Rod and Gen2 Pleasure Rod are additional option you can purchase and are NOT included in your standard purchase of PeeCock Gen4X.

PeeCock Gen4X 4.75inch | Why Choose This Size?

This is a comfortable packing size for any FTM out there and because of its shorter length, it takes no time to master peeing with it. The only concern for FTMs is that if they are more sexually active, this choice may limit their experience as it is shorter in length, and smaller in shaft diameter. But remember as they always say, less is more!

PeeCock Gen4X | Color Options

This PeeCock comes in 5 different realistic skin tones:

  • Light Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone)
  • Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Light Brown (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Moderate Brown (Suitable for Asian skin tone)
  • Dark Brown (Suitable for Dark and Hispanic skin tone)

Important Notice:
Our commitment to user safety is paramount. We utilize only skin-safe ink for airbrushing, ensuring the well-being of our users is upheld above all else. While it's possible for the airbrushed ink to experience fading over time, we've implemented measures to enhance its longevity by applying a protective coating.
It's essential to recognize that factors such as exposure to water, as well as abrasion from clothing and skin, can contribute to the fading of airbrushed ink. Despite our efforts to mitigate these influences, some degree of fading may occur with regular use.
Rest assured, we are dedicated to continuously exploring methods to improve the durability of our products while maintaining the highest safety standards for our users.

PeeCock Gen4X Upclose
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PeeCock Gen4X Combination
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Compare PeeCock Gen4 and Gen4X
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STP with PeeCock Gen4X Demo
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Different Types Peecock Harnesses
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For how to use and care for your PeeCock 3-in-1, please see our PeeCock Usage Guide.

For order delivery information, please see our Delivery Information Page.


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