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PeeCock Gen5 4.75inch

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Introducing PeeCock Gen5: Redefining Personalized Prosthetics

Unleash your confidence with the PeeCock Gen5, a revolutionary penile prosthetic designed with your comfort and customization in mind. Explore the freedom of choice and indulge in the ultimate prosthetic experience tailored just for you.

Key Features of the PeeCock Gen5

  • Crafted for Comfort and Realism: Made from prosthetic-grade silicone, PeeCock Gen5 provides a natural look and feel, enhancing authenticity and boosting confidence. Choose from five realistic skin tones to match your complexion.
  • Tailored Sizes: Choose between the discreet 4.75inch or confident 5.5inch PeeCock Gen5. The 4.75inch option offers everyday ease with discreet packing and quick Stand-To-Pee functionality. The 5.5inch version ensures confidence and touted as the efficient all-rounder.
  • Unmatched Customization: Empowers you with a fully customizable experience. Select from various internal components, including detachable funnel system, floating testicles sac, core, and bendable rod, tailored precisely to your desires for a unique prosthetic experience.
  • Realism Redefined: Meticulously hand-painted for lifelike realism, PeeCock Gen5 seamlessly blends with your complexion. With five natural skin tones, it enhances natural confidence and authenticity.
  • Versatile Functionality: Adaptable to every aspect of your life, PeeCock Gen5 offers versatile functionality. Whether for discreet packing, intimate moments, or confident Stand-To-Pee functionality, it effortlessly accommodates diverse needs, enhancing everyday experiences.
  • Optional Pleasure Features: For added intimacy, PeeCock Gen5 offers optional pleasure features. Choose from the Breaker and the Stroker styles for unique sensations. The compact Peecock Bullet Vibe provides intense personal pleasure or shared moments with a partner.

PeeCock Gen5 4.75inch (Standard Set)

Every purchase of the PeeCock Gen5 4.75inch comes complete with the standard set as illustrated below.

The PeeCock Gen5 4.75inch Specifications

Skin Weight - 125g
Detachable Funnel System - 29g
Floating Testicles Sag - 65g
Core - 50g
Length - 4.75 inches (120mm)
Girth - 110mm

The PeeCock Gen5 4.75inch | Why Choose This Size?

Perfect for FTMs seeking a comfortable and discreet packing experience. Master the Stand-To-Pee functionality quickly and enjoy the simplicity of a shorter, lighter prosthetic.

PeeCock Gen5 | 5 Realistic Skin Tones

Explore Your True Colors

The PeeCock Gen5 is available in five realistic skin tones, ensuring a perfect match for your complexion:

  • Light Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin or light skin tone)
  • Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin or light skin tone)
  • Light Brown (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)
  • Brown (Suitable for Asian and Hispanic skin tone)
  • Dark Brown (Suitable for Dark and Hispanic skin tone)

Indulge in the freedom of choice, embrace your identity, and experience prosthetics like never before with the PeeCock Gen5. Your journey to confidence starts here.

Watch the Instructional Videos: Take the time to watch our instructional videos to learn how to use the PeeCock Gen5 effectively.
Read the Instruction Guide: Your package includes an Instruction Guide. Be sure to read it thoroughly for detailed information. If you've misplaced it, you can download the guide here.

Peecock Gen5 Pack, Pee, Play
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Peecock Gen5 Pack, Pee, Play Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Floating Testicles Sac
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Peecock Funnel System
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

The PeeCock Gen5 with U Clip & Transparent Harness
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

U Clip Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Peecock Funnel System Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

PeeCock Gen5 Core (Soft) Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

PeeCock Gen5 Core (Firm) Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Gen5 Erection Rod System with FLY Clip attachment
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

FLY Clip Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Clip Harness Demo
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

All-New Peecock Pleasure System
(Click on Image for Video Illustration)

Important Notice:
Our commitment to user safety is paramount. We utilize only skin-safe ink for airbrushing, ensuring the well-being of our users is upheld above all else. While it's possible for the airbrushed ink to experience fading over time, we've implemented measures to enhance its longevity by applying a protective coating.
It's essential to recognize that factors such as exposure to water, as well as abrasion from clothing and skin, can contribute to the fading of airbrushed ink. Despite our efforts to mitigate these influences, some degree of fading may occur with regular use.
Rest assured, we are dedicated to continuously exploring methods to improve the durability of our products while maintaining the highest safety standards for our users.

How to care and use the PeeCock Gen5? Please refer to The PeeCock Gen5 Instruction and Care Guide.

For order delivery information, please see our Delivery Information Page.


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